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The Art of World Making
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This Community was set up for Roleplaying "Game Masters" who are creating their own world or playing with a published world, Writers who are creating their own fictional setting, and anyone else who wants a place to ramble on about some place or time or situation of their own imagination.

I won't lie; the main reason I made this Community was so I could ramble on about some of the stuff in my mind, without it clogging up my normal journal. It would be a place to talk about this stuff, and just record it. However, there's no reason my toy can't be yours too!

This community is maintained (such as it is) by brandonq. Contact him if you have any trouble.

Other Interesting on-Topic Communities
__fantasynovel -- for discussion of fantasy creatures and cultures, both your own and other authors'.
addme_fantasy -- for meeting and friending other sci-fi/fantasy fans.

other communities that believe they might be relevant are welcome to email me to ask for a link.

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